For innocent parents who have had their child taken away by the county agency, the ultimate insult is that they are dragged into court to pay child support to the county agency.  This is because once a child is declared dependent, the county agency is granted custody and they, in theory, provide care to the child.  This is true even if the child is being cared for by family members or friends.  In reality, the county agency approves the family or friend for foster care and in most cases the family or friend is paid as a foster family.

  • Mark Freeman is an attorney that got involved in defending those accused of shaking a child when a close friend was charged with child abuse for allegedly shaking his son.
  • After spending hundreds of hours investigating, reading medical journal articles and speaking with doctors from around the country about shaken baby syndrome, Mark confirmed with science what he knew in his heart, that his friend was innocent and that the doctors were wrong.
  • Since that first case, Mark has vigorously defended innocent parents of false charges of child abuse, regained custody of children for innocent parents and has defended innocent parents of criminal charges. Mark is now pursuing civil rights lawsuits in cases where false accusations of child abuse resulted in the violation of parents' civil rights.
  • Mark is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and consults with local attorneys in other states. Email Mark at or call Mark at: 1-800-580-0084