Who is Mark Freeman?

My path to law is a bit different than most.  I graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. This degree is particularly helpful in understanding why injury bioengineers have consistently rejected the hypothesis of shaken baby syndrome on the basis of mechanical science.  I worked for the Department of Defense for five years before leaving the government to run a small business on the Main Line of Philadelphia.   While married with three young children, running a small business and working 60 or more hours per week, I entered the evening division of Temple University Law School and completed the trial advocacy program.  My law practice focused on estate planning, estate administration and elder law for many years.

My entry into the shaken baby world came when the baby of a close personal friend of mine went to the hospital with seizure activity and vomiting.  My friend was arrested and charged with assault and child endangerment.  Fortunately, his two month old son survived.  My friend had a very experienced criminal lawyer represent him and I offered to help.  It quickly became apparent that even an experienced criminal attorney had little idea how to defend an alleged shaken baby case.  So I spent hundreds of hours researching, reading medical journal articles, going to conferences and talking to doctors from around the country.  Within a few months we were able to figure out what really happened to his son and with co-counsel successfully defended the dependency proceeding where the county child protective services was trying to take his son away from both him and his wife.

After learning how our legal and child protective services agencies adopt the medical presumption of abuse when a child has a subdural hematoma as a result of the dogma of shaken baby syndrome, I began to represent those who were victimized by this false medical hypothesis.  It is tragic when these young children experience these symptoms that appear to have been caused by child abuse when the parents have done nothing to hurt their baby.  It is even more tragic when innocent parents and caregivers are charged criminally and/or have their children taken away from them.  As an attorney, I consider it the highest professional calling to represent those who have been falsely accused and I find deep satisfaction in returning children to innocent parents and successfully defending false charges of abuse.  I am licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and consult with clients in other states.

  • Mark Freeman is an attorney that got involved in defending those accused of shaking a child when a close friend was charged with child abuse for allegedly shaking his son.
  • After spending hundreds of hours investigating, reading medical journal articles and speaking with doctors from around the country about shaken baby syndrome, Mark confirmed with science what he knew in his heart, that his friend was innocent and that the doctors were wrong.
  • Since that first case, Mark has vigorously defended innocent parents of false charges of child abuse, regained custody of children for innocent parents and has defended innocent parents of criminal charges. Mark is now pursuing civil rights lawsuits in cases where false accusations of child abuse resulted in the violation of parents' civil rights.
  • Mark is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and consults with local attorneys in other states. Email Mark at mark@markdfreemanlaw.com or call Mark at: 1-800-580-0084